Please see the list of directions listed to you from different parts of Lebanon.

Directions from North LebanonDirections from South LebanonDirections from Chouf LebanonDirections from Bekaa LebanonDirections from Beirut Lebanon

North Lebanon: to Jouneih – Antelias – Bikfaya – Dhour Shweir


South Lebanon: to Beirut – Nahr Al Mout – Beebdat – Dhour Shweir


Chouf: to Aley – Hamana – Bzebdine – Mtein – Dhour Shweir


Bekaa: to Zahle – Dhour Shweir


1- Beirut: to Nahr Al Mout – Beebdat – Duar – Dhour Shweir

2- Beirut: to Mkales – Mansourieh – Broumana – Duar – Dhour Shweir