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Habib Khalil Moujaes


Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free..” Words that symbolizes the spirit of America, the magnet that drew people from all nations to this precious land. The sons and daughters of Lebanon were no exception. The land of the first alphabet still gives off its finest to roam the planet in search of adventure and excellence. Its main valuable export is the human brain, the young ambitious and adventurous men and women who take up new countries as their own, becoming loyal, productive citizens everywhere.
In your honor and for the sacrifice you made by leaving your fatherland, we who remained honor you by this Immigrant Festival which we hold in Dhour Choueir, Lebanon every year since 1960.
To keep this bond with you, and to commemorate this event, young descendants are being elected all over the world in a beauty pageant representing the beauty, the personality and brilliance of our women in each of their new home country. The winners then compete again but this time back in Lebanon, in Dhour Shweir, to crown the New Miss Immigrant 2019.
But don’t stop here; our “Back to Roots” campaign awaits you to help you make Lebanon in general, and Dhour Shweir in particular your next vacation destination.
We salute your sacrifice, your hard work, your devotion and loyalty to your new country.
God bless you and bless this great nation.

Habib Khalil  Moujaes
Mayor of Dhour Shweir, Lebanon



Elias Adib Sawaya

“الصمت في حرم الجمال جمال  ” نزار قباني

،مغتربينا الأعزاء

وهل هناك ارقى واسمى من تعلقكم بثقافة الحياة  وذلك من خلال تواصلكم مع بلدكم الام لبنان مجسدين هذا التواصل باقامتكم لحفل انتخاب ملكة جمال المغتربين  اللبنانيين مما يعكس مدى إصراركم في المحافظة  على الروابط الوطنية الوثيقة  بين جيل الشباب المهاجر وجذور الأرض!؟

.إننا إذ نقدر تعاونكم وإهتمامكم، ونشجعكم دائما بالمضي قدما في كل نشاط يساهم في تعزيز صلة الوصل بين لبنان المقيم ولبنان المغترب

.ويسرنا ان ندعوكم بكل محبة وفخر لنحتفل سويا بهذا الحدث الجمالي الثقافي بامتياز وذلك في 13 آب 2016 في ضهور الشوير،بلدة الحق والخير والجمال

لكم جزيل التقدير والإحترام

رئيس بلدية الشوير – عين السنديانة

                                                       إلياس أديب صوايا



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wp-image-80″ src=”” alt=”Mayor Habib Jouka Moujaes” width=”118″ height=”170″ />Beauty is life when life unveils her holy face”


Dear Emigrants,

What could ever be more beautiful than an evening in which love and beauty brings you to the heart of your country, Lebanon?

“Miss Emigrants Beauty Pageant”, in Dhour -Shweir, has proved through the years to be one of the best ways to gather our Lebanese emigrants to share their achievements and dreams, to encourage the new generations to keep on building the communication bridges and enhance the belonging to the roots!

On the 9th of August 2014, we are inviting you to live the moments and enjoy the gathering as well as all the programs of the Emigrants Festival!


The Mayor of Dhour -Shweir

     Habib Jouka Moujaes