WSG Mr. Toni Kaddissi (1)WLCU

The World Lebanese Cultural Union “WLCU” is a civil independent and non-governmental institution which represents the Lebanese Emigrants in

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the World.

One of our main goals at the WLCU is to preserve the Lebanese identity in these Lebanese’s countries of residence. We seek to promote our rich Lebanese heritage through cultural activities and events that also help to gather our communities abroad. This way, we keep on building communication bridges between each other and we enhance their relationship with their Mother Land.

Taking into consideration these objectives, the WLCU started several years ago to cooperate with the Municipality of Dhour Shweir in organizing the event of Miss Lebanese Emigrants Beauty Pageant which is a crucial part of the Emigrants Festival organized by this esteemed municipality since 1962.

This Pageant has proved through the years to be one of the best ways to gather the Lebanese emigrants all over the World in general and the young generation in specific, due to the ceremonies held by our councils and youth chapters in the different continents in the presence of members from the Lebanese community to elect a Miss who will represent their countries in the final ceremony held in Dhour Shweir every summer.

Every year we work hard with the municipality of Dhour Shweir to provide the best for all the candidates participating in this pageant and to make their stay comfortable during the days of preparation for the final ceremony. This professional cooperation has proven to be successful year after year.

We are honored to coordinate with the municipality of Dhour Shweir and we hope for a continuous cooperation.

Toni Kaddissi

World Secretary General

World Lebanese Cultural Union